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tazewell, TN, us
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hey not alot to say. but im a huge batman and spider-man fan. ive always have had a love of comics and pulp culture.when i was young i use to make masks and armour out of cardboard boxs and duct tape.and now that im older i make masks and armour out of card board and duct tape... only now im making it for my friends too. when i was 15 i was in this crappy 25 dollar party city Superman costume when i met a guy who was in this awesome looking spider-man suit. i guess it was the fact that he had made every part of his suit that inspired me to get into different aspects of costuming. like sewing and  then from sewing to other stuff. it i was hooked. since then i haven't stopped.
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the national, mumford and sons, taking back sunday, brand new, kiss, queen,

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